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i-sells The UK's Leading Ducting and Ventilation Supplier.

In 2005 our first online shop was created which was based upon our stockholding of products used for our contracting division. The success and experience in this field, led to the birth and rebrand to i-sells.co.uk in 2007.Largest ducting and ventilation store online i-sells.co.uk

Since the creation, i-sells remains a family run business and has been growing steadily over the years. We have thousands of products available online and are constantly increasing our range to meet our customer’s requirements and expectations.

Our staff are trained and can provide expert advice about the products we sell and how they can be used to solve your problems or improve your home. Most products help solve damp and condensation related problems, although we have one of the largest selection of plastic and metal ducting available online. Our aim is to help a customer choose a product that is right for them and will actually aid them in solving a problem or improving their home.

Why are we called i-sells?

A lot of people ask us why we are called i-sells.co.uk, well, one of our co-founders is a lady called Ingrid Sells and when she was a little girl she became aware that her surname would suit the name for a shop for when she grew up. So, when we were looking for names to call our shop, amongst the choices which we came up with was i-sells.co.uk and we chose this one!

Sometimes it does confuse people as they don’t know how to spell it or they mishear it over the phone or people get confused by the name (they think we are a sales company that we don’t have real people behind us… but we are quite the opposite… we are a real company with real people to help advise and we are passionate about the products and solutions we provide customers with… so we sometimes wonder if we’ve chosen the right name/wording!…

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