Ceiling Vent Air Diffuser

Ceiling Vent Air Diffuser

Air supply diffusers are specialised air vents which are typically mounted in a ceiling. They are designed to allow air that is brought in to a room by the ventilation system to be spread evenly through the room.

They are perfect to use with an in-line fan (Such as a Manrose MF100T), or a larger ducted unit such as a heat recovery ventilator (Such as a Vent-Axia HR100Sentinel KineticKair Trakmaster [Part: K-HRVF100], or a positive pressure unit (Such as the Nuaire Drimaster [Part: NUADM] or Kair Kalahari [PART: K-WH150]).

The curved convex shape allows air to spread along the ceiling and to be distributed equally throughout the room. They are a different shape to air extract valves as they are designed to spread air out and around a room, rather than to suck air out of the room.

Air supply diffusers are designed to be easily flush-fitted to a ceiling using a core-cutter. A fixing collar is provided for ease-of-installation.

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On most metal air supply diffusers, the valve can be adjusted by spinning the internal metal plate to open or close at any given time depending on your ventilation requirements.

You can run ducting from your ventilation system to the spigot on the fixing collar. You can use rigid ducting, or you can also use flexible PVC hose or aluminium hose. To fix the hose to the fixing collar we recommend using a quick release worm clip or jubilee clip to ensure a tight and secure fit. You can also use tape or silicone sealant for a secure finish.

They are perfectly suited for use as a supply point for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive ventilation, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, and heat recovery systems.

Our supply valves are available in aesthetically pleasing grade 301 stainless steel, or white-powder coated metal. White plastic non-adjustable versions are also available.

Matching extract valves are also available, which are designed to extract air evenly from a room.

Our supply and extract air diffusers are manufactured in a variety of sizes. The most common sizes are suited to use with 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm ducting (4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch).

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