Hose Clips vs Worm Drive Clip

Hose Clips vs Worm Drive Clip

In this video we’ll be discussing the key differences between two of the most common types of ducting hose clips on the market today.
The first is type is your standard metal hose clip, also known as a hose clamp, worm clip, or by the brand name ‘Jubilee Clip’.

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The second is what we call a ‘Quick Release Worm Drive Clip’. These are special clips designed with ease of installation in mind and in this video we’ll show you a few of the benefits of using these clips.

The two clips are very similar in function. We’ll start by showing you the standard metal hose clip. It is a metal band, with a worm drive screw and thread. This clip unscrews with the help of a screwdriver, and can be used to secure PVC flexible hose to a fixed spigot, such as on an extractor fan, tumble dryer, or cooker hood. These clips are available in the most common UK ducting sizes – 100mm or 4 inch, 125mm / 5 inch, and 150mm/6 inch

Now, the standard hose clip is great if you have the perfect size hose and spigot and have plenty of time and space to work in. However, if your install space is restricted, such as in a suspended ceiling or loft, then I’d suggest taking a look at the quick release worm clip.

Unlike the standard hose clip, these quick release worm drive clips are threaded all the way through. This allows them to be tightened to a much greater degree than the standard clips. They present a much faster to install solution, and can be reshaped to fix the particular shape restriction of your job. They come in a much larger range of sizes, and can be adjusted to 60mm. The largest standard size is 525mm but, you can even join two or more clips together in series if you needed to.

Quick release clips are therefore much easier to work with, are hard-wearing and can be reused again on different projects.
Our range of clips can be used for all sorts of applications. If you have a particularly inventive use, why not let us know in the comments or send us through some pictures and we can feature you on our blog or next video.

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