Metal Ducting – Installation tips

Metal Ducting – Installation tips

In certain instances, installation can be simplified by pre-assembling parts of the system on the floor before lifting them into place.

Turning the fitting slightly as you insert it into the duct aids assembly and removal, just as the gasket’s lips align themselves in the right direction.

If the ducts and fittings are round, assembly is much easier. Lindab has placed high demands on roundness during the design production stages. but large heavy fittings in particular have a tendency to be slightly oval because of their weight. These often become round when they are suspended, which is why you should use the brackets to make the components round and in this way simplify assembly.

Carefully tapping the surface of the duct with your hand normally makes assembly a lot easier, as it reduces the friction between duct and fitting, and the fitting tries to move to the right side if there are burrs and irregularities.

When cutting, be sure to remove burrs properly.

For larger dimensions, Lindab has moved the gasket back from the edge, which makes assembly much easier.

If you have to reinstall a product. take care to seal old screw/pop rivets holes which can cause leaks and noise.

NOTE! If the system is required to be tested for air tightness, this shall be done before integration and insulation so that there is an opportunity for inspection and any action. Any complaints regarding air tightness will only be dealt with provided the system is fully accessible for inspection.