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Kair KHRV150/12RH Special Offer Pack

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QS Code: QS5358

Kair KHRV150/12RH Special Offer Pack

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QS Code: QS5358

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    This Mould Prevention Pack Contains:

    • 2 x K-HRV150/12RH Units
    • 1 x K-MCP Mould Control Kit
    • 1 x K-TMPB Tamper Proof Driver Bit

    Kair Heat Recovery Ventilator

    The Best Solution for a Condensation and Mould Problem in a Single Room

    Often copied – never bettered – look out for inferior copies… This unit eclipses the imitators.

    28 day money back guarantee, No more condensationSolving Mould, Damp and Condensation Problems
    The Kair KHRV150/12RH Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator is perfect for you if you are looking to solve a damp problem in one of your rooms. Such as your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, living room, lavatory, washroom, conservatories, office and bedroom.

    Continuous ventilation in your home
    Warranty, No more mould or damp This unit is perfectly suited to your needs as it automatically controls the humidity of your room for you, so you can relax knowing that it will take care of everything for you.

    The unit also offers you continuous trickle ventilation, so it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe. Continuous ventilation is the key in keeping your home mould free.

    Free extra set of filters
    Register your product within 14 days of purchase and you will receive an extra set of filters for FREE!

    Reducing heating bills
    The unit is highly energy efficient so it will help you save money on your heating bill. Up to 86% heat recovered from extracted air, means even in cold winter weather the incoming clean air will remain at almost the same room temperature.

    Clean air for You and Your family
    The unit is 100% completely safe for you to put in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom since it has a very low voltage, keeping you and your family safe. By providing adequate ventilation the unit maintains the recommended humidity levels, preventing harmful bacteria being breathed in.

    Installation of the K-HRV150 Unit
    This unit can be installed using a 152mm core drill. Uses Phillips or Tamperproof Screws – Supplied in box with installation instructions. Required wall thicknesses are from 229mm (9inch) to 356mm (14inch); this is the standard for British homes. For full installation instructions and other important documentation, please have a look at the Related files section below.

    Invest in the K-HRV150 Unit and never worry about mould, damp, condensation, and associated health risks

    Here are some more ways in which the unit can help you:

    • Save up to 86% of your heat, you will soon get lower heating bills.
    • Quietest unit available on the market.
    • Easy for you to install.
    • Perfect for your bedroom because it includes a night sensor.
    • Unlike other manufactures provides you with balanced air-flow, so safe for any of your rooms even ones with boilers in.
    • Can help you achieve Carbon Neutral and Carbon Saving applications
    • Landlords – Comes complete with tamper-proof screws, your tenants cannot fiddle around with it, so you can enjoy peace of mind.
    • Trickle 19m3/h / Boost 38m3/h Average daily airflow 547m3 Tamperproof bit or driver required to install or maintain – See below.
    • IP Ratings: IP57 SELV Heat exchanger/wall unit
    • IP Ratings: IP30 SELV Transformer
    • Heat exchanger/wall unit: IP57 Aluminium heat exchanger combined with 2 low voltage motors in combined assembly for complete safety especially in the splash zones of bathrooms and showers
    • Transformer (12V AC) is mounted remotely outside of Zones 1 and 2.
    • Meets All IEE, SELV and Building Regulations.
    • Suitable for wall thicknesses from 229mm (9inch) to 356mm (14inch)
    • 152mm core drill installation – no need for external access (High rise application)
    • An extension kit is available for walls up to 1-metre thickness (K-HRV150-EXT)
    • A window kit is available for installation through single or double glazed windows (K-HRV150-WK)
    • Part of our Single room SRHRV range

    K-HRV150 unit 3d
    Click here to see
    the 3D DEMO

    Please note that this unit is protected by system zero security screws. Either a tamperproof bit or tamperproof driver is required for installation.

    What other people who have Trusted the Kair KHRV150/12rh say about how it has Helped Improve Their Quality of Life:

    “My wife’s asthma has improved and I have been less prone to sneezing fits caused by dampness in the air. The flat has smelt fresher and less dank” Mr Wookey, London

    “The best money I have ever spent” – Mr Brown, Bournemouth

    Buy now to create your own success story!

    A guaranteed solution in eliminating black mould, condensation and damp

    Additional information

    Weight 5.498 kg
    Flat System (mm) NULL
    Round System (mm) NULL
    Product Type Heat Recovery - Single Room
    Product Group Ventilation Fan
    Barcode 5060272546908
    Width (mm) NULL
    Width (Kg) 5.498
    Height (mm) NULL
    Length (mm) NULL
    Socket Size NULL
    Spigot Szie 152
    Temp Max (°C) NULL
    Temp Min (°C) NULL
    Free Area NULL
    Material NULL
    Packaged Height (mm) NULL
    Packaged Length (mm) NULL
    Packaged Width (mm) NULL
    Packaged Weight (mm) NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 15 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 30 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 60 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 120 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 180 l/s NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Low NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) High NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Low 19
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) High 38
    Decibel Rating DB Min 21
    Decibel Rating DB Max 45
    Diameter Inner (mm) NULL
    Diameter Outer (mm) NULL
    Diameter (mm) NULL
    Equivalent Area (mm) NULL
    Fan Opration Modes NULL
    Free Area CM Min NULL
    Free Area CM Max NULL
    Selv Yes
    Timer NULL
    Pullcord Yes
    Maximum Suggested Long Duct Run NULL
    Humidistat Yes
    Power Min Watts 9
    Power Max (Watts) 46
    Thickness NULL
    Volate (V) NULL




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