Lo-Carbon VA100 SELV LP 441614 – Vent Axia

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Lo-Carbon VA100 SELV LP 441614 – Vent Axia

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QS Code: QS17045
SKU: VEN441614

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    Lo-Carbon VA 100 SELV LP (Pullcord)

    Ultra long life SELV motor. Pullcord On/Off override switch. IPX7.Complete with wall mounted transformer and integral humidity control with pullcord override. IPX7 rated. Neon which operates on the manual override only. The improved Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA100 range features Lo-Carbon long life DC motors that are more efficient than conventional motors whilst delivering up to 87% energy savings.


    The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA100 range is fitted with a motorised shutter mechanism that uses no extra power in operation or off.


    Fitted with integral protection against low energy lighting circuits, the VA100 is a 100mm axial fan suitable for use in the bathroom or toilet. VA100 is a quick and simple to fit product with easy-wire on one line terminals. Suitable for installation in window, walls or panels/ceilings at any angle using kits available. The 100mm telescopic wall kit fit walls 225 to 360mm thick.

    The range meets the requirements of the current Building Regulations for the ventilation of toilets 6l/s and bathrooms 15l/s with a 15 minute overrun timer for internal rooms on the LT, XT and HTP models.


    Area Model m3/h l/s Watts Sound dB(A) @ 3m SFP @ 0Pa
    Toilet Lo-Carbon VA100/SELV LP/XP/LHTP/XHTP/LT/XT 60 17 3.4 32 0.20
    Bathroom Lo-Carbon VA100/SELV LP/XP/LHTP/XHTP/LT/XT 74 21 6.1 36 0.90


    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    Flat System (mm) NULL
    Round System (mm) NULL
    Product Type 100mm Axial Fan
    Product Group Ventilation Fan
    Barcode NULL
    Width (mm) NULL
    Width (Kg) 1
    Height (mm) NULL
    Length (mm) NULL
    Socket Size NULL
    Spigot Szie NULL
    Temp Max (°C) NULL
    Temp Min (°C) NULL
    Free Area NULL
    Material NULL
    Packaged Height (mm) NULL
    Packaged Length (mm) NULL
    Packaged Width (mm) NULL
    Packaged Weight (mm) NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 15 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 30 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 60 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 120 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 180 l/s NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Low NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) High NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Low NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) High NULL
    Decibel Rating DB Min NULL
    Decibel Rating DB Max NULL
    Diameter Inner (mm) NULL
    Diameter Outer (mm) NULL
    Diameter (mm) NULL
    Equivalent Area (mm) NULL
    Fan Opration Modes NULL
    Free Area CM Min NULL
    Free Area CM Max NULL
    Selv Yes
    Timer NULL
    Pullcord NULL
    Maximum Suggested Long Duct Run NULL
    Humidistat NULL
    Power Min Watts NULL
    Power Max (Watts) NULL
    Thickness NULL
    Volate (V) NULL




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