Lo-Carbon VA150P (Shutter/Pullcord) Fan 150mm

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QS Code: QS52392
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Lo-Carbon VA150P (Shutter/Pullcord) Fan 150mm

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QS Code: QS52392
SKU: VEN459123A

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    Lo-Carbon VA150P (Shutter/Pullcord) Fan 150mm

    Long Life Ventilation
    Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA150 fans feature Lo-Carbon long-life DC energy-saving motors that last up to 5 times longer than conventional motors, whilst delivering up to 60% energy savings. The extended life of Lo-Carbon fans is due to the use of a new generation of high quality electronically controlled ball bearing motors especially developed for this range. The motors are perfectly designed for the wet conditions of utility rooms and kitchens, extracting stale, moisture-laden air quietly and efficiently.

    The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon VA150 range is fitted with a motorised shutter mechanism that uses no extra power in operation or off.

    The Lo-Carbon VA150 range is suitable for installation in panels, walls or windows using the kits available. Lo-Carbon fans are quick and simple to fit using reversible grommets and easy-wire terminals and are suitable for wall or ceiling mounting at any angle. 150mm telescopic wall kits are available with a white or brown outside grille. The kit is supplied with a telescopic wall sleeve to fit walls 225– 360mm thick. Hole diameter 152mm. Window fitting kits are available for use with all Lo-Carbon 150mm models through single or double glazed windows up to 40mm thick. Hole diameter 152mm.




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