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Nuaire Drimaster Eco Basic Loft Control Positive Input Ventilation Unit

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Nuaire Drimaster Eco Basic Loft Control Positive Input Ventilation Unit

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QS Code: QS45545

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    Nuaire Drimaster Eco Loft Controlled – Condensation Solving Loft Unit


    Nuaire Drimaster Hung Loft Units

    The DRI-ECO-LC is our basic unit which provides all of the benefits of Positive Input Ventilation, offering system controls on the unit within the loft space.

    Whilst the controls offer variable options, when the Drimaster is installed the system should be set to a speed that is suitable to the property meaning access to the loft is only necessary for the replacement of filters.

    The DRIMASTER-ECO range provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle, which introduces fresh filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.


    A large range of models are available – Please see our table below. Please note, it is not possible to retro-fit a heater to other Drimaster Eco models.

    Running costs between 5 and 10p per day dependent on electrical supplier and heating and speed setting.


    It has become the UK’s most popular alternative method of low energy, cost-effective ventilation!

    Invented by Nuaire and installed in thousands of dwellings each year, PIV can be a more cost-effective and simple to install ventilation solution, whilst still meeting building regulations.


    The filtered air gently pressurises the home from inside out, forcing out the stale air.

    Clean, fresh air is continuously drawn in through the lofts natural leakage points, passed through the filters and fed into the property via a central hallway diffuser.

    Nuaire Drimaster PIV


    Installation Instructions Nuaire Drimaster

    Always get a qualified electrician for fitting the unit!

    The unit is supplied with a pre-wired power supply. This power supply unit has a metal bracket incorporating fixing holes, which should be used to fit the power supply to a suitable surface, e.g. a wooden joist.

    The fan unit is also supplied with a fused spur. The 3 core mains cable from the power supply should be connected to a fixed wiring installation, via the isolator, via the spur, in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations.


    7 Year Warrany Nuaire Drimaster ECO Nuaire Drimaster Made In UK


    Additional information

    Weight 4.5 kg
    Dimensions 82 × 33.8 × 34.1 cm
    Flat System (mm) NULL
    Round System (mm) NULL
    Product Type Loft PIV Unit
    Product Group Ventilation Fan
    Barcode 5056043000489
    Width (mm) 338
    Width (Kg) 4.5
    Height (mm) 341
    Length (mm) 820
    Socket Size NULL
    Spigot Szie NULL
    Temp Max (°C) NULL
    Temp Min (°C) NULL
    Free Area NULL
    Material NULL
    Packaged Height (mm) 370
    Packaged Length (mm) 570
    Packaged Width (mm) 360
    Packaged Weight (mm) 8
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 15 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 30 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 60 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 120 l/s NULL
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 180 l/s NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Low 10
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (l/s) High 60
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Low NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Med NULL
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) High NULL
    Decibel Rating DB Min NULL
    Decibel Rating DB Max NULL
    Diameter Inner (mm) NULL
    Diameter Outer (mm) NULL
    Diameter (mm) NULL
    Equivalent Area (mm) NULL
    Fan Opration Modes NULL
    Free Area CM Min NULL
    Free Area CM Max NULL
    Selv NULL
    Timer NULL
    Pullcord NULL
    Maximum Suggested Long Duct Run 5
    Humidistat NULL
    Power Min Watts 1.6
    Power Max (Watts) 15.3
    Thickness NULL
    Volate (V) 230



    4 reviews for Nuaire Drimaster Eco Basic Loft Control Positive Input Ventilation Unit

    1. 5 out of 5

      David Robb

      I had no issues with fitting the unit, it is quiet when running, a bit larger than I was expecting.

    2. 5 out of 5

      Anne Curry

      only been installed for 1 week but no sign of condensation.After drying living room window every morningwith a karcher it is a pleasure to see dry glass.also very quiet running.

    3. 5 out of 5


      I have bought a total of 11 of these and always found them to be reliable and effective. We recommend them to all our landlords with older houses with solid walls. They pay for themselves within a year with reduced tenant complaints about condensation and mould growth, voids and redecoration costs. Fairly cheap, simple to fit and they do what they say they do.

    4. 5 out of 5

      Alex Liddle

      I could not believe my eyes… Purchased due to bad condensation, with water streaming on all windows. Installed it – easy DIY Job. Next day: Woke up, cold morning 0 degress outside RESULT: Windows were completely bone dry. The Drimaster completely exceeded my expectations, I thought itd takes weeks and even then i thought results would be limited.

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