Nuaire Flatmaster PPU - No-Loft Condensation Control Unit

Nuaire Flatmaster PPU – No-Loft Condensation Control Unit

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Nuaire Flatmaster PPU – No-Loft Condensation Control Unit

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    • Solve your Condensation & Dampness
    • For properties without loft space
    • Extremely low power consumption – as low as 3 watts
    • Easy installation and very low maintenance
    • 5 year warranty (1 year parts and labour / 4 year parts)

    Nuaire Flatmaster Ventilation Unit – For properties with no loft space

    100mm diameter / 121x60mm interchangeable spigots supplied with the unit

    The unit is designed to take fresh air from outside, clean the air and discharge it into the central hallway via a system of ducts.

    The dwelling’s internal air discharge grille is usually installed at a high level in a central location within the hallway, although discharging the air down the length of the hallway (away from the front door) should also prove acceptable. Unit performance may be enhanced if an existing heat source can warm the discharged air, e.g. by locating the discharge grille above a radiator.

    Based on the popular and low-energy Positive Input Ventilation principle which Nuaire invented in 1972, the Flatmaster range has been specifically designed to ventilate homes without lofts. The system introduces air into the home at a continuous low rate, eliminating condensation dampness and forcing our indoor pollutants such as Radon gas and carbon monoxide.

    The aesthetically pleasing and compact unit is usually situated in a convenient location, such as a kitchen cupboard or hallway, and is ducted to a central location. Multi-positional spigots allow for quicker installation with only one external wall penetration.


    Right or Left side heater?

    There are two versions, Left and Right. The version you need will depend on which side of the house/wall the unit can be fitted. Check the above diagram, the heater (Marked in red) should always be pointing to the inside of the house.

    When ordering please ensure you choose the correct unit.
    Specify whether you want the heater input airflow on the Left (Flatmaster 2000L) or Right side (Flatmaster 2000R).


    Features & Benefits:

    • Cures condensation dampness – PIV removes humidity from the air, preventing mould growth and controlling dust-mite allergens.
    • Improves indoor air quality – indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning are removed while outdoor pollutants including pollen and Radon gas are kept out.
    • Meets Regulations – meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy.
    • Extremely low power consumption – as low as 3 watts.
    • Easy installation and very low maintenance – filter clean or replacement every 18 months
    • Optional heater facility – to provide additional heat to the incoming air if required.
    • 5-year warranty – for peace of mind.
    • Running costs between 5 and 10p per day dependent on electrical supplier and heating and speed setting.
    Nuaire Flatmaster Dimensions

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    Flat System (mm) N/A
    Round System (mm) N/A
    Product Type N/A
    Product Group N/A
    Barcode N/A
    Width (mm) N/A
    Width (Kg) N/A
    Height (mm) N/A
    Length (mm) N/A
    Socket Size N/A
    Spigot Szie N/A
    Temp Max (°C) N/A
    Temp Min (°C) N/A
    Free Area N/A
    Material N/A
    Packaged Height (mm) N/A
    Packaged Length (mm) N/A
    Packaged Width (mm) N/A
    Packaged Weight (mm) N/A
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 15 l/s N/A
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 30 l/s N/A
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 60 l/s N/A
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 120 l/s N/A
    Pressure Loss (Pa) 180 l/s N/A
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Low N/A
    Airflow Performance (l/s) Med N/A
    Airflow Performance (l/s) High N/A
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Low N/A
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) Med N/A
    Airflow Performance (m³/h) High N/A
    Decibel Rating DB Min N/A
    Decibel Rating DB Max N/A
    Diameter Inner (mm) N/A
    Diameter Outer (mm) N/A
    Diameter (mm) N/A
    Equivalent Area (mm) N/A
    Fan Opration Modes N/A
    Free Area CM Min N/A
    Free Area CM Max N/A
    Selv N/A
    Timer N/A
    Pullcord N/A
    Maximum Suggested Long Duct Run N/A
    Humidistat N/A
    Power Min Watts N/A
    Power Max (Watts) N/A
    Thickness N/A
    Volate (V) N/A



    5 reviews for Nuaire Flatmaster PPU – No-Loft Condensation Control Unit

    1. 5 out of 5

      Mark Sharland

      This sorts out the problem of condensation in small flats, even in Basements, Great product, highly recommended.

    2. 4 out of 5

      Peter Hart

      little be tricky to install but works well in a flat.

    3. 5 out of 5

      James Wyburd

      Very pleased with extremely quick delivery and good price. Unit running well so far, replacing an old one which became noisy after 10 years. An extremely effective way of reducing condensation and damp in a flat by creating positive air pressure with slightly warmed air. Low running costs Worth paying extra for the 2000 as it has a thermostat.

    4. 4 out of 5

      Philip Dell

      perfect for situation required

    5. 4 out of 5

      Malvinder Hanspal

      compact and easy to install

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