Twin Blade Fire Damper 100mm CFDM-100

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QS Code: QS52006

Twin Blade Fire Damper 100mm CFDM-100

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QS Code: QS52006

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    • Suitable for installation in ducts, walls and ceilings.
    • Closing temperature of 72ºC. Blade locking springs.
    • Insulated damper blades reduce radiated heat.
    • Construction provides maximum possible sealing between damper blades and body. Minimal loss of free area results in low pressure drop and noise generation characteristics.
    • All fire dampers must be installed in accordance with manufacturer instructions and current building regulations.

    The CCL range of circular twin blade fire dampers (model BEK-240) were developed to provide a full 2 hour fire rated damper which is fast and easy to install, at an economical cost.

    Fire Rating
    The BEK-240 range of fire dampers have been tested at the Warrington Fire Research Centre (Report No: 62396). The dampers were assessed against the criterion for integrity as defined in BS476 Part 20 for 4 hours.
    The dampers maintained their integrity successfully throughout the test which was discontinued after 4 hours.




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