Vent Axia 140 Kitchen Fan With Timer

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Vent Axia 140 Kitchen Fan With Timer

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QS Code: QS3351

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    VA140 Panel models are designed to alleviate the everyday problems that condensation and household odours may cause. Effectively extracts odours and moisture laden air from kitchen (K) and utility (U) rooms giving a healthy and fresh environment.

    Product Specification

    The louvred shutter on the VA140 is thermo-electrically operated and is concealed behind the interior grille. Operates automatically when the fan is switched On.

    Building Regulations

    The VA140/VA150 Range is specifically sized to meet the Building Regulation requirements for powered extract ventilation in domestic kitchens. The VA140/VA150 range is fitted with internal and external louvres conforming to the latest international safety standards.

    For areas subject to extreme wind speeds, it is recommended that baffle kits are used. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more details.


    Maintenance free, sealed for life ball bearings in the purpose made electric motor, economical and quiet running. Double insulated appliance.
    Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

    Manufacturers of some fluorescent/low energy lighting systems indicate that these can interfere with other electronic/timing circuits. For reliable operation of these circuits we recommend therefore that a tungsten filament light is used.


    Type Stock Ref. No. *Shutter Extract Performance (fid) m³/h l/s Watts dB(A) @ 3m
    VA150P WW 152110B PI 220 60 34 37
    VA150A WW 153110B I 220 60 34 37
    VA140/150KP 140120A PT 245 68 34 36
    VA140/150KT 140220A T 245 68 34 36
    VA140/150KH 140320A T 85 low 245 boost 24 low 68 boost 34 36
    VA140/150KHT 140420A T 85 low 245 boost 24 low 68 boost 34 36
    VA140/150VS 458915 PT 100 min 245 max 28 low 68 boost 34 36
    *I = instant P = pullcord T = Thermo actuator        





    Model A B C E F G J K L
    VA140 216 224 80 146 60 55 104 152   220 37
    VA150 A/P 216 224         130 184 57   37
    VA140 Weight 1.75kg, VA150 Weight 2.5kg                


    Panel Model
    Panel fixing hole Ø 152mm
    Panel fixing hole Ø 152mm


    Typical Specifications

    Supply and install a VA140/150 axial fan suitable for mounting in panels, walls or windows with electrically operated backdraught shutter and removable grille as manufactured by

    Vent-Axia Ltd
    Fleming Way
    West Sussex
    RH10 9YX
    Telephone: 0844 856 0590

    The fan performance should meet the Building Regulation requirements of 60 litres a second for kitchens and 30 litres a second for utility rooms. It should be double insulated to meet the IEE wiring regulations.

    The motor should be manufactured with ball bearings and be fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). The motor should be insulated to Class B.

    The fan should be BEAB Approved.

    Unique reversible grommet for easy installtion

    Integral timer and humidstat








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